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About EmployMeFirst: Bringing The Dignity Of Work To Individuals With Disabilities is a website created in the belief that all of us, regardless of our differences, deserve the chance to achieve the dignity, self-respect and independence that can only come from meaningful employment. It is designed to match employers in Northeast Florida to Job Seekers who happen to be differently-abled.

In 2011 Florida joined 40 other states in supporting the federal Employment First initiatives. These initiatives advance employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, helping them achieve independence and a higher quality of life.

As part of this initiative, EmployMeFirst is designed to help remove barriers to employment for individuals with disabilities in Northeast Florida. This website was funded through a grant from the City of Jacksonville to provide a direct resource for individuals with disabilities who are seeking employment. The Arc Jacksonville’s Employment Department, as the recipient of this grant, designed and maintains this site for the benefit of the community. If you offer a job-related service, you are eligible to apply to be listed on this site.

Good For Business

Hiring individuals with disabilities simply makes good business sense. Employees with disabilities have been proven to offer all the attributes most sought after by employers: dedication, hard work, productivity, positive attitude—and ability. They are, in short, model employees who can broaden the talent pool of virtually any organization.

In addition, it has been demonstrated that consumers overwhelmingly prefer to do business with companies that hire individuals with disabilities. Fellow employees also respond to the higher morale of the inclusive workplace.

Good For People

Meaningful work is a fundamental need of the human spirit. Those with disabilities are no exception. A job is more than merely a source of income. It is also a source of immeasurable fulfillment, accomplishment, self-reliance and simple human dignity.

Workers with disabilities also achieve a sense of belonging and community that is so important to all of us. Vastly underemployed, these highly motivated individuals are eager to take their place as vital contributors to the success of businesses and other organizations.

Hiring those with disabilities is truly a win-win situation for all involved.

Learn More About Us.

To learn more about EmployMeFirst, we encourage you to contact us or to reach out to the following individuals.

Susan Hamilton
Vice President, Employment



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