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Tips On Hiring Individuals With Disabilities

Employees with disabilities have proven to be exceptionally dedicated, motivated workers for countless companies. Here are some tips to strengthen your workforce by hiring individuals with disabilities.

  • Study our Resources For Employers page. Investigate services offered by local or national organizations dedicated to serving individuals with disabilities.
  •  Incorporate diversity and inclusion as part of your organization’s overall strategy for establishing a dynamic workplace.
  • Integrate workers with disabilities into your workforce of typically abled co-workers. Bring everyone together during their daily activities.
  • Train managers to incorporate individuals with disabilities into the daily work routines.
  • Spread the word. Make sure everyone in your organization is informed of the performance success of workers with disabilities.
  • Consider workers with disabilities simply as employees, not as employees with disabilities. This cultivates an environment of inclusion that will be attractive to people with all kinds of talents and abilities.
  • Create an open-door policy for all workers.
  • Involve customer service, human relations and other important disciplines. Be sure to include any other relevant departments. Also include employees who show enthusiasm for hiring workers with disabilities in the hiring initiatives.
  • Offer help in daily activities if a person with a disability is struggling. But ask first if they need help.
  • Take advantage of individuals’ particular talents by considering customizing jobs or tasks. A professional Job Coach may be able to offer suggestions to match tasks to workers.